Different log files in sudo?

Salum, Felipe felipe.salum at eds.com
Fri Dec 14 08:10:14 EST 2001

Hi people.

I´m new to the list but I was reading the archive of old messages and I have
a doubt about sudo log.

Dana Kaempen asked for logging sudo usage into different files by user and
Todd answered that we can set the logfile for each user but that logfile is
only the commands that each user type with the sudo.

 I would like to know if is possible with sudo log the commands after the
user type: sudo su - for example, because I have so many root administrators
that use the sudo su - command to admin the servers but what I have logged
is that the user used the command sudo su -, but not what he did after this.

I dont know if you all know the software ASROOT (RAC). It is not supported
anymore but it is like sudo and log what the users typed after the su

Thanks in advance,

Felipe Salum, SCSA
Security and Systems Administration
EDS Brazil

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