Different log files in sudo?

William R. Ward bill at wards.net
Fri Dec 14 13:10:20 EST 2001

Todd C. Miller writes:
>In message <39448DCA5614D3118C5D0008C7916DCE08FE9CB5 at BRSPM202>
>	so spake "Salum, Felipe" (felipe.salum):
>>  I would like to know if is possible with sudo log the commands after the
>> user type: sudo su - for example, because I have so many root administrators
>> that use the sudo su - command to admin the servers but what I have logged
>> is that the user used the command sudo su -, but not what he did after this.
>No, there is not.  This is difficult to do without assistance from
>the root shell.

I suppose sudo could tee stdin/out/err to a file.  Can that be


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