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Brent Fortman Brent.Fortman at
Tue Feb 20 13:59:22 EST 2001

I would simply put mksysb in a "wrapper" shell script say called do_backup.
Now, do_backup checks for the correct time of day (via the date command) and
if true, will execute the mksysb.  Your sudoers entry will need to change
to: BACKUPS = /usr/sbin/do_backup"  (or where ever you want to put it)
Brent Fortman

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I was curious is anybody knew of a way to allow sudo to only let itself run,
or a set of 
commands to run. Let's say I have "Cmnd_Alias           BACKUPS =
in the config file. Is there any way to limit that command to only being run
from 03:00 - 04:00? 
Hopefully I made some sense. I couldn't find any flags or settings in the
so thought I would bother the rest of you with it. 

S. Omar Fernandez 
Unix Systems Administrator 
ATX Technologies, Inc. 

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