Getting error when trying to set default logging entries

John Lorenz John.Lorenz at
Wed Feb 21 16:34:59 EST 2001

If I try and set the default logging I get a syntax error in the save  it
always points to the first line if I comment it it drops one line.  If I
comment it all then sudo is fine.  Am I doing something wrong,  I have
Solaris 2.7 with sudo 1.5.9p3
Defaults               syslog=auth
Defaults@ <mailto:Defaults at SAGE> SAGE       log_year,

Commenting them out allows save with no errors.

sudo operates as expected otherwise no errors.

John W. Lorenz
PQA Engineer
Sylantro Systems Inc.
Desk 408-626-2334 
Fax 408-626-2301
john.lorenz at


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