Sendmail does not work with Sudo

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Sun Feb 25 15:16:07 EST 2001

In message <200102240055.QAA05930 at>
	so spake Santanu Misra (smisra):

> I installed a Sudo on a Solaris6 Box.
> Every thing works otherthan sendmail part.
> I did tried complie without-sendmail but no luck.
> I do not see any change in /var/log/syslog 
> I think (?) I sould get some thing here as
> I get info about all other sendmail activites.

By default, sudo does not send mail unless the user is not in sudoers.
See the mail_always, mail_no_user, mail_no_host and mail_no_perms
Defaults entries in the sudoers man page.

 - todd

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