sending email to admin instead of root (default)

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Mon Feb 26 15:17:12 EST 2001

this is from my /etc/sudoers file

I commented out the mail_always cause it's a busy system and I was getting
too much crap - I still use it on my quieter systems.
for username insert the username you want and in that users home directory I
have a .forward file that contains the smtp address on our exchange server -
so the mail comes to the users ms outlook. Or you can use
username at

Which version of sudo are you using - it will make a difference...

Defaults        mailto=username
Defaults        mail_no_user	 #sends a mail when a user who is not in the
sudoers file tries to execute a sudo command
#Defaults       mail_always
Defaults        mail_no_perms  #sends a mail when a user tries to execute an
unauthorised command

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Subject: sending email to admin instead of root (default)
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I was hoping someone can shead some lite.  I have been trying to re-direct
the email fro being sent to root at localhost.  I want it to go to another
email address.  Can somebody shead some lite on the syntax on how to set the
defaults for redirecting the email.  I have gone through the man pages and
have not been finding much.  When I set the defaulst it fails to save tells
me a syntax erro and or cmnd alias is not correct.

If someone could send me an example of the sudoers entry that would be

John Lorenz

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