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My environment variable PATH And MANPATH are set to these, (remember visudo
is in /usr/local/sbin in my system) and man visudo is working fine.

echo $PATH

Check whether your man pages of sudo are in /usr/local/man....?
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I have successfully run 'make install' and I am still not clear with a
couple of things.
1. How do I get my sudo man pages to work? ie man visudo etc.
2. I know I am supposed to now edit my sudoers file after running 'make
install'. But how then does sudo globally controll access on my box. i.e If
a person logs on , do they now logon to native unix or first the sudoers
file. Is access to the box then strictly controlled by sudo and if so how
does it do that?
3. Is it not possible for someone to twitch sudo and still get onto the

Thanx for your 

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