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Boehler, Joe Joe.Boehler at
Wed Jan 10 10:41:11 EST 2001

I am new to sudo. It is installed on an HP 11.00 system, and one of the
command aliases is set up like this:

Cmnd_Alias      SHELLS=/usr/bin/sh,/usr/bin/csh,/usr/bin/ksh, \
                       /usr/local/bin/tcsh,/usr/local/bin/bash, \
                       /usr/bin/rsh,/sbin/sh,/sbin/bash,/sbin/jsh, \
                       /bin/sh,/bin/csh,/bin/bash,/bin/rsh,/bin/jsh, \

I have a logfile setup, and I can tell when an authorized user executes a
sudo -s, but once they have the shell, the log doesn't log any commands. In
other words, I can see if a user ran the shell, but I can't see what was
done while they had the shell.

Any help will be appreciated, and I'll summarize.

Joe Boehler

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