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See if the the effective user is the owner of the files you want to change
ownership... Any other user cannot change the ownership of files that are
owned by someone else.....

Nasir Kamal

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Hello list --

I just started using sudo and I'm puzzled by
something.  Now frankly I'm pretty new to unix so I
might be about to totally make a fool of myself, but

I set up a group of users to manage our website. We've
got dynamically generated pages that have owner:group
of nobody:nobody. Every so often one of them gets
fubar'd and someone needs to delete it by hand.  I set
these people up so they can run rm, chmod and chown as

rm works, chmod works, but chown gives a "Not owner"
error message every time. These commands are all set
up on one line, and I've checked and double checked
the path and spelling of the chown command.

Is there something particular about chown that makes
it break with sudo? 

Thanks for any advice, and for your patience with a newbie.

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