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Wed Jan 17 15:10:05 EST 2001

You're correct.  chown/chgrp are restricted by default in Solaris.
To fix that, you can do this...

1) add the line below in /etc/system then reboot
	set rstchown=0

2) or, if you're daring, you can modify the kernel directly
	# adb -kw /dev/ksyms /dev/mem
	type in "rstchown?W0x0" without the quotes
	type in "^d" (ctrl-d) to exit adb

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Thanks to everyone who replied, and my apologies for
what was clearly an OT question (though I didn't
realize it was).

I need to go do man chown and learn this better. As
was suggested, if I do 
# touch mine.txt
# chown anotheruser mine.txt

I still get a Not Owner error. This restriction is
enabled by default in Solaris (says the man page).

Again, my apologies for wasting the bandwith with an
OT question, and thanks for the patient answers.

--- "Kamal, Nasir" <Nasir.Kamal at> wrote:
> See if the the effective user is the owner of the
> files you want to change
> ownership... Any other user cannot change the
> ownership of files that are
> owned by someone else.....
> Nasir Kamal

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