Web Based Configuring

mackay at kodak.com mackay at kodak.com
Thu Jan 18 09:13:02 EST 2001

From: Scott D. MacKay

Oh, but I want a nice windowed system with pull down menus and a little
clown that will show me where to click! :)
Heh.  I will probably check this page out, but in a nutshell what does it
do over 'visudo' which I though did some linting of its own?
An app I would like to see is a 'sudoers2english' app; something which
scanned a sudoers file and said in plain <insert your langauge here> what
the individual rules actually meant.  This would help, IMHO, both newbies
and more experienced admins really understand what access they are


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> From: mackay at kodak.com
> Subject: Re: Web Based Configuring
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> From: Scott D. MacKay
> I would certainly hope not, heh.  That would be like allowing you to
> the root password with a Web form.  Not the most secure of ideas...
> Related, it would be interesting if someone has written a TCL/TK or other
> X11 based graphical rule writer; something which needs to be invoked by
> root, not a web form...

FYI FWIW: there is a program called sudoers-lint (I wrote it!  ;-) which
checks the sudoers for "correctness" and stale information. There's a link
to it from the sudo home page or you can get it directly from:
   http://www.komar.org/  ->  Misc. Tech Stuff  ->  sudo-tools


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