insults / debian

Will Yardley william at
Thu Jan 18 23:15:28 EST 2001

i'm not sure if this is a closed list, but i had a quick question about
getting insults to work.  since i'm not on the list, if this goes
through, please cc me with the response.

I was under the impression that insults were included even if they
weren't compiled in as default.  however when i add the line:

Defaults	insults
to /etc/sudoers

I don't get an error, but the insults don't seem to work either (with
version 1.6.2 on debian linux (potato)).  turning off lectures seems to
work, but i'm unable to get insults to work.

i am used to them from my freebsd box (and i like them better than the
'sorry...' message).  is there a way to do this without recompiling or
reinstalling sudo?

sorry if i just made a stupid typo somewhere... let me know if anyone
has any ideas.

-william yardley

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