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mackay at kodak.com mackay at kodak.com
Mon Jan 22 13:49:03 EST 2001

From: Scott D. MacKay

SUDO uses the syslog facility.  You would customize the syslog category you
configure SUDO for to store the messages to a separate file (or a separate
centralized machine).


rwagner at kroger.com on 01/22/2001 01:15:07 PM

To:   sudo-users at courtesan.com
cc:    (bcc: Scott D. MacKay/943904/EKC)
Subject:  Log files

Our company is running sudo to comtrol what our users do. Now we would like
to monitor what our aix administrators do. We don't what to hinder the
administrators but we want to audit them once in awhile.

     In what files does the information go to for use to be able to audit??

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