Buffer overflow in sudo?

Goldstein, Barry A BGoldstein at ameren.com
Mon Jul 9 11:19:50 EDT 2001

I read an article on zdnet about a buffer overflow vulnerability in sudo...
	The rising popularity of the current Mac OS X and the new operating
system's foundation 
	in the ubiquitous Unix operating system have started to draw the
scrutiny of hackers and security experts.
	In early April, a buffer overflow was found in a program known as
"sudo," used by system administrators 
	to allow users to run restricted applications. 

Would this problem effect other platforms running sudo?
How can this problem be fixed?

I have not seen any mention of this problem on this mailing list and I tried
searching the bug tracking system without luck. I am
currently running sudo 1.6.3p5.

Thank you,

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