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George Meharry II gmeharry at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 17:45:58 EDT 2001

Patrick ...

Though I'm sure someone else will respond with perhaps
a better suggestion, there are about four (4) rules
that will need to be defined ... I don't have the
sudoers man page in front of me but it'll be something
like ..

/path_to_su/su *,\
!/path_to_su/su root,
!/path_to_su/su -

What these rules are stating:
 1) the user cannot run su,
 2) that when run, su must have a parameter (check
doco for actual syntax)
 3) that when run with a parameter, the parameter
cannot be root
 4) that when run with a parameter, the parameter
cannot be "-"

This in effect restricts the user as you really want
.. however keep this in mind, once you grant acces to
a [slew of] command[s], you open a potential can of
worms (or better stated, it's easier to grant access
to specific commands than open the door and then

Any other comments sudo collegues?

Best of luck Pactrick!


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