chown for particular directory

Dan Lee koinonia98 at
Mon Jul 23 12:17:47 EDT 2001

Sorry, I left out some information.

I am running sudo 1.5.9p4 in Solaris 8.

I have already include the following in my sudoers file:
Cmnd_Alias      CHOWNBKUP=/usr/bin/chown /backup/

However, it appears not to restrict the operator from changing ownership 
outside the /backup directory.

Is the syntax wrong?


>From: "Dan Lee" <koinonia98 at>
>To: sudo-users at
>Subject: chown for particular directory
>Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 12:03:04 -0400
>Does anyone know if there is a way to give a non-privileged user the right
>to change ownership of files for a particular directory only?  Let say that
>I allocated the directory "/backup" for this purpose.  I want the 
>the rights to restore files on this directory and then change the ownership
>of the restored files to the appropriate end user.   I hope that there is a
>syntax for this in sudoers.

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