NFS sudo

Craig Cowen craig at
Wed Jun 6 13:16:03 EDT 2001

This is a very poor idea.
We use one central sudoers file and them push it out from a trusted host
via scp using our own scripting.
If your sudoers file resides on a server and is used via nfs, then what
if a network problem occurs.
I think you can see the potential for disaster.

SSJones at wrote:

> I am new to installing and configuring sudo.  I am currently working
> on a project to set it up on multiple servers.  I wanted to know if
> anyone has setup sudo with centralized configuration files through and
> NFS mount or someother method.  If you have, can you please inform me
> on what approach you took and how it worked out for you.
> Thanks,
> Shawn
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