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George Meharry II gmeharry at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 15:18:51 EDT 2001

Shawn et.al.

Doing the rdist thing as you guys are doing is fine as
long as you're dealing with a "controllable" number of
sudo clients (10-20 perhaps - no more than 50!)...

When you're in a sizable/scalable environment (ours is
900+ client/150+ servers mixed between
HP/Sun/SGI/IBM), you're opening yourself to update
issues - that is, when you do your rdist what's the
contingency for when a number of machines don't
respond (either user's turn them off or some other
reason)? Pending on how often you're pushing the
updates (which shouldn't be a lot after a couple of
weeks of shake-down), this may create a rats-nest (it
did in our environment before I found this version of
sudo)... Our opinion (FWIW) was that if the network
was down, there's a bigger issue to work though and
that the "trusted users" more than likely wouldn't be
able to conduct their business anyway...

So we're using (as KOMAR is) an NFS solution for both
the rules file as well as the executable which has yet
to fail us... I'm surprised that you haven't been able
to locate any past postings about this subject at
www.courtesan.com because it seems like this is asked
every couple of months (just a couple of days ago is
the most recent time)...

Anywho, best of luck to ya!

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