sudo in solaris 8

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Fri Jun 8 11:28:23 EDT 2001

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	so spake "Dan Tseng" (koinonia98):

> I am having a difficult making sudo work in solaris 8.   I am running  
> version 1.6.3p5.
> 1.  When sudo asks me for my password it never accepts what I entered even 
> through I know I entered my password correctly.
> sudo format
> Password:
> Sorry, try again.
> ...
> sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts

Strange, I've not had any problems with sudo on Solaris 8.  Make
sure you really are executing the new sudo binary and not some old
one (try 'which sudo').  You might also try building with PAM support
(give --with-pam to configure).

> 2. Sudo is setup to log via syslog, but I'm not getting any log messages.
> I already have done the following:
> Inserted "local2.debug<tab><tab>/var/log/sudo.log" to syslog.conf
> touch /var/log/sudo.log
> send a SIGHUP to syslogd

Well, that ought to do it.  Perhaps there is a problem in syslog.conf
before the line you added.

> 3.  Sudo would not allow a nfs home directory user to issue commands.
> sudo format
> Cannot get current directory - Permission denied

The NFS directory is not exported with root privs to the client and
the directory is not world-readable/executable.  By default with
NFS, uid 0 is mapped to uid -2 and so you get "Permission denied".

 - todd

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