restrict write access to a directory

John E Hein at work jhein at
Tue Jun 26 10:26:30 EDT 2001

bee cee wrote at 08:37 -0400 on Jun 26:
 > How can I restrict edit (vi access) to files in a particular directory for  
 > a user.
 > Is this correct..
 > tempuser	devhost=(root) /usr/bin/vi /home/jack/tc_config/*

short answer... no


Ignoring some of the syntactic details of the above partial sudoers
 entry for the moment...

As someone said earlier in a different thread, sudoer's *'s are not the
 same as shell globbing.

Furthermore, there's not much point in pursuing this exact path...
 for instance, how do you plan to prevent them from doing ':w' once in vi?
 Or as in another recent thread... preventing vi's ! side effects.

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