sudo for AIX 4.3.3

Dana Kaempen decay at
Tue Jun 26 16:17:22 EDT 2001

Julian Tan wrote: 
> Does anyone know if there is a compiled version of the sudo software for
> AIX 4.3.3 ? Also, from the Supported platform website, AIX 4.3.3 is not
> listed, have anyone tried sudo on AIX 4.3.3 before ? Thanks in advance for
> your assistance.
No, I do not know if sudo is available in a precompiled format for AIX 4.3.3.  Yes, sudo compiles and installs perfectly under AIX 4.3.3 - I've done it a number of times.  The trick is getting a compiler.  You could:
- Buy a single user C license from IBM for ~$500 US
- Download a precompiled version of gcc (Gnu CC) for AIX and then compile sudo yourself
- Find a computer at your site that is running AIX 4.3.3 that already has a compiler, compile sudo, then lift the two binaries and transfer them to your system(s) of choice.

Good luck - it's well worth the effort to get sudo where you want to use it.


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