getting a custom vi

Brian Birkinbine bbirkinbine at
Wed Jun 27 11:03:43 EDT 2001

The vi that comes with OpenBSD has the following option that might help
you.  Just make sure the vi is called with -S for any vi commands run
via sudo

       -S     Run with the secure edit  option  set,  disallowing
              all access to external programs.

I believe the vi version that OpenBSD uses is called nvi (Berkely VI

Tim Olson wrote:
> With all the talk about what people could do with "vi" when it is used
> with sudo, I'm thinking I might try to compile my own version of
> vi that doesn't allow shell access and some of the other things.
> Where could I get the source for this?   Also, does "Vim" have
> the same operational concerns?  If not, could Vim be used and
> linked in place of vi so that users actually use Vim?
> The reason I ask this is because I only use the basic functionality
> of vi right now, and I do have some /bin/vi references in sudoers.
> Tim Olson
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