sudo on OS/390

Tom McGivern t.mcgivern at
Thu Jun 28 09:39:10 EDT 2001

Are you planning on installing the whole package, or just the client piece?
Are you thinking under Unix services, or under the "MVS" side?
If under the MVS Side, are you thinking as a started-task, or just a module
that can send alerts?

My recommendation, (What I was going to do before I realized we don't have a
C-compiler licensed on the machine), was to just compile the BB client
module.  Get that to work so that it could run as a started task (exit's
quickly, but could be called easily from your automation package, or
batchjob if needed (PGM=)., or even called from within CICS., etc etc

The only "gotcha" that I see is you'll need to ensure you have a translate
table from EBCDIC -> ASCII.

I have not worked with USS other than to log onto it, so I don't know how
easily that would be, or for that matter, what you're trying to monitor.

If you're thinking of the whole web-page server side..  Nevermind.. you're
in over my head... I don't think the cost of the S390 cycles are worth it up
there, run BB on a "cheaper" box (reliable, but cheaper), and leave the
horse-power on the host for things it does best.

Just my 2 cents

"Walker, Aaron L" wrote:

> I'd like to try installing sudo on a S/390 box running OS/390 2.9.  Does
> anyone have any suggestions/gotchas?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
> Aaron Walker
> Texas Workforce Commission
> aaron.walker at
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