Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Thu Mar 22 13:10:53 EST 2001

How about this?

someuser somemachine=(ALL, !root, !oracle, !#0, !#ORACLE_UID) /bin/ksh

Where ORACLE_UID is replaced with the uid for oracle in the password db.

 - todd

In message <21C693C4CAF0D111B90800805F57FDD0041ECB40 at
	so spake "Blea, Lucy I" (Lucy.Blea):

> To allow "someuser" to run /bin/ksh as "fakeuser" on "somemachine" you could
> do:
> someuser somemachine=(fakeuser) /bin/ksh
> then "someuser" could run "sudo -u fakeuser /bin/ksh"
> This above works great if I specifiy a user or define Runas_Alias as certain
> users.  But, how can I specify that a certain user can run /bin/ksh for any
> other user on the system except root and oracle?

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