Limiting root su on Solaris?

dbukchin dbukchin at
Mon Mar 26 16:15:28 EST 2001

I've implemented something like this. Here is the script:

trap " " 2 3
if [ "$1" = "" ]
	echo "Usage: /usr/userscripts/usershell <username>"
	echo "To exit usershell type "exit" at the command line"
case "$1" in
ben | judy | ted | hendrik | bill | hema | julie | timmy | henry | marry |
david | perry )
	su - $1;;
	echo User is not in the list;;
trap 2 3

You can modify this script according to your needs.
In sudoers just give your users access to this file. 


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Hi All!,
  I'm trying to restrict root su on a Solaris
box while allowing su to other users. Has
anyone had any success at this? I've tried
the man page examples and a few other things
but still can't seem to restrict that access.

Thanks lots,


Mark Horning
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