strange sudo message

Joe Ryals Joe_Ryals at
Mon May 14 12:08:55 EDT 2001

We have sudo on a variety of AIX, SUN and ALPHA (Tru64) systems with
different verisons out there. On two of our AIX systems (both running
different versions of sudo) when running " sudo su - " we recieve the
message below

User home directories not present/accessible.
Will use /.kshrc instead.

We use NIS, NFS and automounter. User home dirs are NFS mounted via the
automounter. Also the 2 AIX systems are running 4.3.2 and 4.3.3 of AIX.
This message started only about 3 weeks ago and did not happen prior to
that. I was wondering what kinds of changes could have occured that may
have caused this. In our .profile files we set the env. to the
$HOME/.kshrc file which when anyone that sudo's to root will have there
own envirnoment set and some groups need that to find app specific


Joe Ryals

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