strange sudo message

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon May 14 12:40:24 EDT 2001

In message <3B000317.4DFFF4BA at>
	so spake Joe Ryals (Joe_Ryals):

> We have sudo on a variety of AIX, SUN and ALPHA (Tru64) systems with
> different verisons out there. On two of our AIX systems (both running
> different versions of sudo) when running " sudo su - " we recieve the
> message below
> User home directories not present/accessible.
> Will use /.kshrc instead.

This is almost certainly because the user's homedir is not world
accessible.  Unless you export filesystems with root mapping turned
off, uid 0 gets treated as uid -2.  As such the user's shell rc
files couldn't be read.

 - todd

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