sudo and NFS

a blob of green gelatin jello at
Wed May 16 19:44:54 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I've gone through the archives and haven't seen anything on this problem
I'm having so here goes:

I've got a master server (Solaris7) that is exporting a couple partitions
to multiple machines in my network.

I originally installed the sudoers file to /etc/sudoers (the default)
before I realized that I needed to install it instead to
/share/etc/sudoers.  I went ahead and re-./configured with the appropriate
entry, but the clients aren't able to pick up the change.  Whenever I type
sudo from the client (logged in as one of the users in the sudo file, if
that matters) it tells me it "can't stat /etc/sudoers".

I find that a bit strange since I *can* see the /share/etc/sudoers file
from the client side, but for some reason the exectuable seems to be
remembering the sudoers file of old.

Oh, btw, I did a 'make install' after reconfiguring.  I didn't 'clean'
things as it looked as if that wouldn't be necessary.

Also, things here being as they are, I have not rebooted any of the
clients to reload the shares (but I don't think it's related to this since
the clients can see /share/etc/sudoers without touching anything).

Any ideas?



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