gregor.bekker at nl.abnamro.com gregor.bekker at nl.abnamro.com
Thu May 31 04:04:31 EDT 2001


I ran into something strange. when running sudo as follows.
I made a typo, forgot the space between the - and the username. like;
     # sudo su -anything (where anything is really anything)
What happened, no message but I turned up to be root.

To solve this have I added some params, so that people can only do "sudo su
- " to certain users.
     <username>     APPL=FILEUTIL,GLOBAL,INFAPPS,SHELLS,/usr/bin/su - infbatch,/usr/bin/su - curves
I'm using 1.6.3p5 but just downloaded .p7

Anyone else ran into this?

Gregor Bekker, SSCSE SA
ABN-AMRO Amsterdam
Dept. IB. ITS&S, SDI/3

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