placing sudoers in NFS mounted directory

Craig Cowen craig at
Thu May 31 19:13:37 EDT 2001

I would point out that you are creating a domino effect in that if you loose nfs
you loose a lot.
We use ssh and script it from a  trusted host.
I change one file and dist it out to all the other machines.

"Todd C. Miller" wrote:

> In message <113C22F0C0AFD1119BCC00805F9FB64208F5882D at>
>         so spake "Guthzeit, Max (OTS-EDH)" (max_guthzeit):
> > Are there any known issues, security or otherwise, with placing the sudoers
> > file in an NFS mounted directory?  this would eliminate the need to update
> > sudoers file on a plethora of machines everytime a change is made to the
> > file.
> Not really, I a lot of people do this.  It does require that sudoers
> be group-readable but that's the default now anyway.
>  - todd
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