Sudo on Unixware 2.1.2

Jason Holland jholland at
Thu Oct 4 12:27:17 EDT 2001

hello all,
  maybe someone can offer some help with my problem.  i have compiled sudo
1.6.3-p7 on a unixware 2.1.2 box.  compiled and installed without any
errors.  i used the --with-getpass and --with-passwd options only.
however, when i try and sudo -s to grab a shell, it fails to authenticate
me correctly, my password never works, no matter which user i try and sudo
from.  i know the passwords are correct, so i must have missed something
during the sudo compile.  anyone have any suggestions or ideas??  i don't
know much about unixware, so troubleshooting this could take me a while
without help from you guys.  thanks!


ps - could you cc me in the reply, i'm not subscribed to the list, thanks

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