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Krishna Prasad m_krishna_prasad at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 5 04:01:08 EDT 2001

        system: Redhat: 7.1
        sudo version: 1.6.3

all the messages generated by sudo are getting logged to /var/log/secure.
syslog.conf entry is

authpriv.*       /var/log/secure

how can i get the  log messages generated by sudo _only_ in a separate file instead of /var/log/secure. 
(all messages other than those generated by sudo and which go to /var/log/secure should go there only)

i searched the archives of this list and tried this

in syslog.conf

touch /var/log/sudo.log

kill -HUP 'cat /var/run/syslogd.pid'

in sudoers file
root ALL = (ALL) ALL
kp ALL = ALL

any help, pointers appriciated

thanks in advance

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