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Bjorn Ove Grotan bgrotan at
Mon Oct 8 09:08:27 EDT 2001

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Espen Martinsen wrote:

> That will be a hell of a sudoers file.
>   What I want is the user to have full root-access with
>   cp/ln, tar, cpio, etc anywhere recursive below /aaa/bbb/ccc

example for sudoers-file:

Host_Alias	MYHOSTS = host1, host2, host3 etc
Cmnd_Alias	MYCOMMANDS = /path/to/cp, /path/to/ln, /path/to/tar etc
my_username	MYHOSTS = MYCOMMANDS /aaa/bbb/ccc

this should make the user "my_username" able to run commands in Cmnd_Alias
"MYCOMMANDS" on hosts "MYHOSTS" in path /aaa/bbb/ccc

Though, I haven't tested it - this should be right.

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