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Matthew Hamilton DocUNIX at
Wed Oct 10 16:14:25 EDT 2001

First of all I apologize for this being sent in HTML form.  I was in a hurry and subscribed my Hotmail account instead of my Lotus Notes (company email).  I am working on getting sudo set up for use on our development and testing servers.  I have downloaded and compiled version 1.6.3p5.  I got the following error when I was editing the sudoers file using visudo:

/usr/local/sbin/visudo: Editor (/usr/bin/vi) failed with exit status 512, /usr/local/sudoconf/sudoers unchanged.

Now if I edit and save/quit a few lines at a time this doesn't happen.  I am wondering if this is something that I forgot in the configuration of sudo.  Below are the options I used when I configured it.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local -sysconfdir=/usr/local/sudoconf --with-logging=both --with-logpath=/usr/local/sudo-log --with-timeout=0 --disable-root-sudo --without-sendmail --with-ignore-dot --enable-log-host

Thanks for any help.

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