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Matthew Hannigan mlh at
Wed Oct 17 16:06:01 EDT 2001

You have to look after Xauth stuff as well.
You _do_ use xauth don't you?
It'd be a nice feature for sudo to support this.
Though sadly it opens up a security hole, in that
you could manipulate X into running commands that
would be unlogged by sudo. Perhaps an option would be


> "Parson, David" wrote:
> You need to set your DISPLAY variable and export it.  There are many
> ways to determine what to set it to, but the easiest would be to login
> as your regular user and "echo $DISPLAY", then once you su ?? just set
> it back to the same.
> Depending on the shell that you are using, something like the
> following:
> echo $DISPLAY <CR>  {as yourself before you su}
> After you su ...
> export DISPLAY
> {where xxx is the proper setting}
> _-D Parson
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> Hi,
>  When i sudo to another user or account, i am not able to run any of
> the
> x-(commands) like xlock,xauotlock,xdu,xcopy etc.., is this a security
> feature for the sudo or is there a wrapper around this to allow users
> to
> sudo and still be able to run the x environment.
>   I am running this on Solaris 2.5 , and the Sudo version 1.5.6p6 .
> Thanks,
> Rohit...
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