make bindist problem on System V rel 4.2

Ralf.Strandell at Ralf.Strandell at
Wed Oct 24 07:20:58 EDT 2001


We have successfully built sudo-1.6.3 on 
UNIX(TM) System V Release 4 Multi-Processor Version 2 Take 38.0-8
and now we need to create a binary distribution of sudo
so that we do not need to rebuild it on every single host.

	"make bindist" fails

because Makefile.binary and INSTALL.binary are missing.

**** How do I create those files / where do I find them? ****

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:06:53 -0600 
Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at wrote:

>In message <4.1.20000616103814.00bef700 at ce-nfs-1>
>	so spake Vihar Chokshi (vchokshi):
>> I am trying to configure sudo and then do a distribution of the package
>> systems that will NOT have a compiler, for security reasons. Can I make a
>> installing package and provide that?
>Have a look at the "bindist" target in the Makefile, though you'll
>need Makefile.binary and INSTALL.binary files.  You can just grab
>one of the binary distributions and copy the Makefile and INSTALL
>files therein to Makefile.binary and INSTALL.binary.
> - todd

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