Redirecting the Sudo log on HP Servers

Brent Fortman Brent.Fortman at
Wed Oct 24 16:13:34 EDT 2001

I never had any luck with the default sudo settings of local2, notice, and
LOG_ALERT - who knows, maybe it's an HPism.  I compiled a binary with the
following syslog options:
The corresponding /etc/syslog.conf is:
local3.alert           @<remote_hostname>             @<remote_hostname>
*.info;local3,mail.none   /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
With this alone, your messages will end up in the syslog on
"remote_hostname". If you want to have the sudo messages logged to a
separate log file on the remote_host, then you will need to modify the
syslog.conf on that system as well.  Might look something like this:              /var/adm/sudo.log
local3.alert            /var/adm/sudo.log
Hope that helps.

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Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew the command to redirect the sudo log on HP
servers to another log host?  The log host is a DEC box.
Thank you,


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