LD_* variables and sybase

Rich Dempsey dempsey at kodak.com
Wed Oct 24 16:41:25 EDT 2001

Put the sybase command in a wrapper script:

sudo /etc/init.d/sybase restart


sudo -u sybase /sybase/etc/sybasectl stop

where /sybase/etc/sybasectl sets the environment variable
(it's too late now for sudo to undo it) and runs the command.


At 06:22 AM 10/25/2001 +1000, Sue Blake wrote:
>For safety reasons, sudo rightly refuses to pass LD_* environment
>variables. As a consequence of this, I seem to be unable to
>use sudo for the following task, which means that I may have to
>let users have full access to a priviliged account instead,
>unless there's some other way.
>We have a tru64 machine running sybase. The unix user sybase
>must close down and start up sybase when required. Normally
>there is no reason for anyone to actually log in as user
>sybase, whose access privileges are very high.
>There are times that operators or assistant sybase admins need
>to shut down and restart sybase. Some of these people are not
>very confident but they may need to act in an emergency when
>nobody is around, using a menu I've set up for them.
>Commands like
>   sudo -u syabase <sybase command>
>bomb out, because sybase can't find its libraries, and
>   sudo -u sybase env
>shows what's going on: they get everything except the LD variable.
>I guess I could let them have something like
>   sudo su - sybase
>and hope for the best, but I doubt that's the most sensible way
>of dealing with this. Besides, I want to keep saying "No, you
>can't login as sybase, nobody even knows the password, I'll give
>you sudo access to the commands that you need to run".
>What would be the most sensible approach to this problem?
>        -*Sue*-
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