Allow a password change to only specific accounts

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Try the following command alias:

Cmnd_Alias	ACCTS=/usr/sbin/usermod [!-]?*, /usr/sbin/usermod -D?*,
/usr/bin/passwd cdp*, /usr/bin/passwd cmk*

The first entry of ACCTS prevents any switches, the second allows only the
'-D' option.  Third and fourth will allow only the
passwords to be reset for 'cdp*' and 'cmk*' accounts.  Works for me!

Hope that helps !


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Subject: Allow a password change to only specific accounts

Hi folks, 
Kind of an unusual type change here.

I want to be able to allow a group to only change passwords for user
accounts that begin with the letters cdp and cmk. So far I haven/t figured
it out.

I've tried things like:

Cmnd_Alias      ACCTS=/usr/sbin/usermod -D,/usr/bin/passwd c*

Cmnd_Alias      ACCTS=/usr/sbin/usermod -D,/usr/bin/passwd [c][d][p]*

Cmnd_Alias      ACCTS=/usr/sbin/usermod -D,/usr/bin/passwd c*?

but sudo come back requesting the password and will let me change the
password for any account that I specify.

Any Ideas?

Ken McCoy

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