Possible bug with mail-always

Rich Dempsey dempsey at kodak.com
Wed Sep 26 12:25:58 EDT 2001

Using sudo 1.6.3p7 on Solaris 8 patch 108528-08

In my sudoers file, I have a line:
Defaults                mailto="dempsey at kodak.com"

Yesterday, I added a line:
Defaults                mail_always

After adding the mail_always line, "sudo -u joeuser crontab -e" stops working.
In the environment, EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi, so that crontab -e invokes vi to edit
the crontab, in this case, the joeuser crontab.  vi seems to enter an infinite loop
printing ":[EOF] not found", or something similar.  I have to connect through
another window and kill the vi process at the base of the crontab -e ptree.

Commenting out the mail_always line fixes the problem.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?



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