Summary: Logging Problem: sudo

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Subject:  Summary: Logging Problem: sudo


I got one response, and  it was on the money

from Todd Miller:

Two things:
    1) In the syslog.conf entry you included the "local2.*"
       is separated from "/var/adm/sudo.log" by spaces but it
       needs to be tabs only.

    2) I'd suggest using "local2.debug" not "local2.*"

So, the line should be:

local2.debug             /var/adm/sudo.log

It is very important to use tabs and not spaces in syslog.conf.

 - todd

I did have tabs between the statements but I was trying to get fancy with the
configuration.  Using

local2.debug        /var/adm/sudo.log

works.   Thanks again,

Lee Brewer

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