sudo on tru64 5.1

Didier Godefroy dg at
Sun Sep 30 20:30:20 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I'm new to this list and sudo and I'm trying to compile it on tru64 unix 5.1
on alpha.
I read the info about sia and it should detect sia and use it, however I get
this error msg:

error: you cannot mix SIA and other authentication schemes. You can turn off
SIA support via the --disable-sia option

of course I don't wish to turn sia off, I want to use it, but why is it not
only using sia, disabling whatever else would be the default?
I can't see any other to disable so I can keep sia, what is the one to

Didier Godefroy
System Administrator &
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mailto:dg at

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