make sudo on tru64 5.1

Didier Godefroy dg at
Sun Sep 30 22:42:42 EDT 2001

Hi again,

after correcting the small problem that prevented sudo to configure on tru64
unix 5.1, I am getting an error during make:

cc: Error: /usr/include/netdb.h, line 127: In this declaration, "n_net" has
no linkage and has a prior declaration in this scope at
line number 122 in file /usr/include/netdb.h. (nolinkage)
        in_addr_t       n_net;          /* Replaced unsigned int type to
*** Exit 1

I assume this would be an issue specific to tru64.
It's not the first time I see such errors during compilation on this
platform, it happens quite often and with those same files (netdb.h).
It usually is a matter of word size, because of the 64bits architecture.
This time it looks a little different, what can fix this?

Didier Godefroy
System Administrator &
mailto:dg at
mailto:dg at

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