Sudo, Tru64 4.0F, and lpc

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Has anyone gotten this combination to work for non-privledged users?  Sudo, Tru64 4.0F, and lpc.  I simply want a specific user to be able to maintain printers.  Compaq advised:  

Checking the code and lpc man page, I found it uses getuid to figure out who is running it...
real uid is going to be the user, not root, so setuid won't work.  ACL won't work because the code checks internally to see who is running it.  dop will also fail.

These all have to do with permissions to run the program which you already have, since you can do lpc stat.  lpc enable is flagged in lpc.c as a priviledged command, and anyone but root is stopped.  I doubt sudo can defeat this either.

The man page for lpc states 


  The following diagnostic messages are possible.
  Privileged command
        Command may be executed by the superuser only.

The system admin guide references the same thing... have to be superuser to run, say, lpc disable.  Don't see any reference to a supported way around it.  
I believe I will install sudo and see if it works.  If someone has done this and found that it did or did not work, please advise.


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