vi and sudo

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vi on Linux is very often vim, which gives you the rvi

You can go to and download the latest source
for vim and compile it for any platform. I've built it with no trouble
on HP-UX and AIX, and also use precompiled vim executables on
my PC under Windows. (Adding some class and power to the OS!)

vim also gives you a GUI environment if you want it (gvim) and has a rgvim
version as well, to give a restricted GUI vi.

vim has a number of benefits over stock vi, including providing simple
file locking - ensuring that two people don't vi the same file at the same
and trash each other's changes.

(No - I have nothing to do with the vim project - I just believe it's a
very good
vi implentation.)

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> dear list,
> i am new to sudo and recently installed it on sun
> solaris 2.6. when i open vi while acting in the sudo
> context, vi still seems lets me execute shell commands
> as root.

I'm not sure about Solaris, but linux has /bin/rvi and /bin/rview which
restrict the use of such things as executing shells from within an
editing session.


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