Getting SUDO for AIX ?

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you can find an installp-package for sudo on the freeware-site of
the bull group: This will normally be installed
to /usr/local. You can find there additional prepacked freeware for the
common versions of AIX and links to other sites.

Its also relatively easy to compile the source e.g. with the C.Set++
Compiler (if available). The Advantage is that you could change the default
settings, paths and so on.

best regards, Ric Sattler

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Hello List,

I'm new in Sudo world and have some difficulties to start.
i've try to find a version of SUDO for AIX (433) but was not successfull.
Could anyone send me a pointer to an address where i could find it ? (or
better, the package if you got it  :)
Many thanks by advance


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