Executing commands without sudo

Gary Call gcall at starcalif.com
Fri Aug 2 15:01:07 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone who responded. Shortly after I posted this question,
I realized that EVERYONE has execute permission on EVERY command.  Once
I chmod'ed to appropriate permissions, everything started working.

Again...thank you all for your help!


On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 11:56, Dana Kaempen wrote:
> Gary wrote:
> > I was under the assumption that
> > everything for "john" would be denied, unless he prefixed the command
> > with sudo.
> Gary -
> I think you may have the wrong idea about sudo.  The user "john" can do any command that is allowed to him by standard UNIX rules.  The *only* time sudo comes into play is when you want "john" to be able to issue a command as root.  By your setup, "john" can issue two commands as root:  /bin/mt & /bin/cpio  When he says "sudo /bin/mt" it's the same as doing this:  "su root -c '/bin/mt'"  The only difference?  User "john" doesn't need root's password when using sudo (since root is allowing him to
> use those two commands), but he *would* need to know it if he used the "su " form of the command.
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