using sudo and ssh together`

Jon Robinson jonr at
Fri Aug 9 18:56:15 EDT 2002

This seems like it would be a really common problem but I can't seem to
find the answer.  I am hoping someone here knows it and can email me.

I am using ssh from F-Secure to connect from one Sun box to another.  I
can connect fine, and when I run:

$ admintool

ssh tunnels the Xwindows based Solaris admintool back to my machine with
no problems.

However, when I start up sudo I get:

$ sudo
# admintool
warning: X11 auth data does not match fake data.
warning: X11 auth data does not match fake data.
X connection to machine2:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

How can I use sudo to become root and still be able to tunnel X apps



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