using sudo to execute script as another user

Simon Jespersen shj at
Mon Aug 26 11:57:02 EDT 2002

Hi list

i have installed and configured sudo and it seems to work ok, but i do have
a problem.

I want to execute a script from user "bb" as user "el" with el environment.
When i do sudo -u el -s /opt/script/ the script execute alright
but it fails duo to the wrong invironment.

if i do su - el -c /opt/script/ from bb it works fine but promts
me for passwd.

I want to use sudo so that i can use it for set f.eks in bb crontab etc.

Is it possible or am i bound to use the root crontab for this one.

 Simon Jespersen
Project engineer
Pine Tree Systems A/S
Damhaven 5d
DK-7100 Vejle
Email: shj at
Phone: +4575724477

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