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Sat Dec 7 02:06:27 EST 2002

That was the sound of my had flopping onto the floor through the door.
I  just joined the list, howdy.

I am writing 2 scripts, one to create a email list, the other to delete one.
So they will work with the existing FreeBSD framework, they must run as 'root' 
and talk to files owned by root, but still be secure, as they take input from 
a web form.

Now Iworked out filtering the data, so anything not proper results in a 
abruptly terminated run with a error message posted to the browser talking to 
it. This is tested and it works. I need to get these scripts to be able to 
open a file in /etc/mail, owned by root, write to it. close it, and rename it 
(in the event of deleting a file- it is reading ~/aliases, omitting the alias 
for the list being deleted, then deleting the old alias file, renaming the 
temp file, then issuing the 'aliases' command.) The creation script must write 
an alias to the existing aliases file as an append operation, then issue the 
newaliases command to the system. Seems the only tool to get the job done and 
preserve the excellent security built into my FreeBSD box is sudo.

OK, now how do I do this?

For  background, this is a new feature set for my pet project TinyList.
( ) I am the creator and guiding crackpot who 
invented the darn thing.



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